Quilts for Kids has many requests for quilts of all sizes throughout next year.  Following is a list of the agencies we are supporting:


In As Much House and Safe Place:  They each use an average of 30 - 40 quilts per month.  Their requirements are for quilts from baby to tween sizes.


Albion Healthy Baby Days:  This is a free health fair especially designed for all expectant parents, and families with babies up to one year old who live  in the greater Albion area.  The event is held annually in September.  In 2015 we provided approximately 75 quilts and anticipate the need to be the same in 2016.  NOTE:  This requirement has already been met.


Community Unlimited:  This is a relatively new non-profit in the Athens/Union City/Tekonsha areas to help families find the resources they need to meet their everyday needs.  One of the services is providing a “Welcome Baby Basket” to all newborns.  The anticipated need is 75 newborn quilts each for the three areas.  The family coach in charge of the program, Jenny Rouble, gave a brief presentation at the December 2014 meeting.


In 2015 we delivered 729 quilts.  The quilts  ranged in size from newborn (36” x 36”) to tween size (50” x 70”).  These sizes are approximate to include all sizes in between.  Our goal is the same for 2016 and as of the end of April we have delivered 334 quilts.


We have three workdays scheduled for the remainder of the year (with two already completed in January and April).  The remaining dates are as follows:


    June 17:  Cut and assemble quilt kits.  Depending on the number of volunteers, we may also layer some quilts.


    Aug 19 and Nov 4:  Assemble quilts, to include layering, tying, and labeling.


    NOTE:  All workdays will be held at the Westlake Presbyterian Church, from 10:00 to 3;00, with a pot luck luncheon.


Irene just recently purchased another roll of quilt batting with part of the money earned at the Quilts for Kids Garage Sale held at the April guild meeting.  Total income from this event was $519.75; $10.00 more than originally reported.


When Irene and I became the co-chairs for Quilts for Kids we were running low on supplies.  I prayed about the situation and the Lord responded, not only through our guild members, but also the Charitable Union.  The Charitable Union was in the process of reducing their fabric inventory and gave Quilts for Kids the opportunity to sort through the fabric and take any that we could use for our project.  Both our guild members and the Charitable Union deserve a big thank you for your generosity in supporting this project. 


I hope we can all continue working together this coming year to help the children in our communities have a warm quilt to cuddle with and make them feel safe.  This is a win - win situation.  You get to make a quilt (a project we all love) and provide comfort to a child in need (another win).


If you have questions, please contact either Irene Gilbert (269-979-9814) or Shirley Fuller (269-979-8464), co-chairs for Quilts for Kids.


Shirley Fuller, Co-Chair, Quilts for Kids